About Us

House of Leather & Gifts is well established company that has been in existence for over 20 years. We are located at Kenrail Towers Westlands, NHC Building Aga Khan walk, Elysee Plaza Kilimani Road, Ridgeways Mall Kiambu Road, Muindi Mbingu Street, opposite Jeevangee Gardens and Panari sky Centre Mombasa Road.

We have a constant flow of new and exciting products that enter the market on a regular basis and believe in providing our clients with excellent service and personal touch.


We have over 50,000 different products to choose from. Our products range from gifting, toys, stationery, educational materials, kitchen items, frames and wall hangings, top model, fisher price products, disney products, H&H products among others.


Our business is to provide excellent service. We feel that our principals demand this and our customers deserve the very best of our service.

We therefore;

  1. Provide exemplary service to our Customers.
  2. Are forthright and honest to our customers.
  3. Strive to do our job right and we do not take anything for granted.
  4. Listen and respect our customers’ opinions and ideas always.